Actions Marges – The new portal of the French Margins Project
The French margins project that coordinates cross disciplinary research on continental margins in order to develop new concepts with an important impact for society, resources and risk assessment.

Who is who

Actions Marges is coordinated by INSU with financial contribution of TOTAL, CNRS, BRGM, IFREMER. After a first phase between 2008-2011, the program is now in a second phase running from 2012-2015.
Steering committee of Actions Marges:


Steering committee Scientific committee
sylvie_leroy Sylvie Leroy
e-mail : sylvie.leroy(at)
Daniel Aslanian
Ifremer, Brest
e-mail : daniel.aslanian(at)
Gianreto-Manatschal Gianreto Manatschal
Université Louis Pasteur – Strasbourg
e-mail : gianreto.manatschal(at)
silhouette Isabelle Thinon
BRGM, Orléans
e-mail : i.thinon(at)
Cecile-Robin Cécile Robin
Géosciences Rennes – Université de Rennes 1
e-mail : cecile.robin(at)
silhouette Marcia Maia
e-mail : marcia(at)
silhouette Jean-Loup Rubino
e-mail : jean-loup.rubino(at)

Our sponsors

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